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Symphony Of Distraction - Horse
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Symphony Of Distraction was founded by Steve and Jay, who were at the time based in California. They quickly found friends to fill out the band and self-recorded an EP called ‘Pudwack’ (2010). Though the intention was to only write one EP, they had a lot of fun and decided to keep going. A full album soon followed in the form of Call It Off John (2012). Both of these were released physically only in Japan, through InYaFace Records (RIP).
After Call It Off John was released in 2012, Jay moved to Brooklyn making it seem like the end of the band had come. Despite the distance, after a 5 year hiatus a new album ‘Horse’ was born, set to be released on April 4, 2018 through Less Talk, More Records

They have played short tours in California and Japan in the past. But because Symphony Of Distraction is bicoastal, they don’t actively play live shows. They are however open to opportunities for touring.

Steve had his heart set on creating all of the artwork for ‘Horse’ from things that he could find at the dollar store. He probably spent more time doing the artwork than he did writing the songs.

Jay Stewart - Guitar/Vocals
Steve Smith - Guitar/Vocals
Pat Solem - Bass
Jimmy Qaqundah - Drums

Pudwack (2010) - InYaFace Records
Call It Off John (2012) - InYaFace Records
Horse (2018) - Less Talk, More Records