Off To Nowhere

The roots of the one-man skatepunk project Off To Nowhere can be traced back to the mid ‘00s when Ricardo founded a band called “Bitter”. As avid lovers of fast, yet melodic punk the band recorded several songs that  got released on local compilations. But as Ricardo’s musical interests slowly shifted more and more towards heavier music Bitter was laid to rest in 2009. Ricardo’s love for skatepunk, however, never really died and in 2012 Off To Nowhere rose from the ashes of Bitter when he decided to write fast, melodic songs again. This time he figured that to achieve maximum creative freedom he had to record not only the vocals but EVERY instrument himself ...the result can be heard on “A Statement of Principles”: Fast, honest and melodic skatepunk in best tradition of the Swedish legends Satanic Surfers.
For Fans Of:
Satanic Surfers, Jet Market, Symphony Of Distraction, From The Tracks, Dutch Nuggets


Statement Of Principles

Digital release on 15 April 2013.
CD-release march 2014