Honolulu Breakdown

Honolulu Breakdown is

  • Tim vocals/bass
  • Ivo vocals/ (lead) guitar
  • Flo (rhythm) guitar / background vocals
  • Fab drums/background vocals


Honolulu Breakdown is a band right from the Hesse Highlands in the beautiful, heavily forested center of Germany. Their origins date back to the golden area of skatepunk in the late 90s of the last century when the two brothers Tim and Ivo set up a musical project to satisfy their need for speed. This line up was quickly completed by drummer Fabi and 14 year old Flo who were recruited from local punk bands. 
While this line-up remains stable for more than 15 years now the band has a reputation to take their time when it comes to recording. The band’s first album “Terrible Hot Cardboard“ was released in 2009 and quickly gained reputation for its breakneck speed and unique sound. During the following years, while the band had to lie low for quite some time, the members remained active within the scene with Tim and Fab establishing their side project “Ken Sent Me“ (set link once it’s done!?) and releasing one EP and an album.
 But in mid 2015 after a series of rehearsals and jam sessions several new songs began to develop and the band decided they were too good to vanish in the digital nirvana of a long forgotten hard disc. So, in November of the same year they went back to the studio to record 6 new songs that turned out to be their most recent release: The “Billy The Goat“ EP.
Should you wonder about the unusual band name, let’s see which explanation the members themselves deliver: “Honolulu Breakdown is the name for our special brew of favourite musical styles. We think of it as a strong cocktail, one so potential it not just gives you a hangover but a complete breakdown - so responsible consumption is highly recommended at the beaches of hell…Ok, not the best explanation for a lame band name…but who cares? You? We? Them?

For Fans Of: Asado


Billy Goat EP

Seven years since their latest release - scene classic "Terrible Hot Cardboard" - Honolulu Breakdown are back with their new EP.
Released February 20, 2016