Why 'Do-It-Yourself' when you can 'Do-It-Together'?

We are stoked to launch Pnkrckr Collective, made up of like minded European labels and promoters that love music and aim to unite the underground punk rock scene in all it’s colours. Our first adventure? Punk Rock Holiday 2017 !

We’re teaming up with KNRD Fest, Giljotina Records, Bearded Punk Records , Bad Juju Yoga, Less Talk, More Records, Lockjaw Records, Manchester Punk Festival, alter-alert.com, Anarchist Undertones, Socks Off Collective and Moving North.

Visit our stand at Punk Rock Holiday 1.7 , meet like minded people, treat your body with some punk rock yoga and get to know your new favourite band. Or just hang out, have a drink and talk gibberish.