Stream the latest track from From The Tracks - Get Worse! I think it's boring when it's just a picture with the stream. I decided to make a series of pictures, a collage so to speak. Enjoy! Or don't. Purchase a copy of the new album at

Why 'Do-It-Yourself' when you can 'Do-It-Together'?

We are stoked to launch Pnkrckr Collective, made up of like minded European labels and promoters that love music and aim to unite the underground punk rock scene in all it’s colours. Our first adventure? Punk Rock Holiday 2017 !

We’re teaming up with KNRD Fest, Giljotina Records, Bearded Punk Records , Bad Juju Yoga, Less Talk, More Records, Lockjaw Records, Manchester Punk Festival,, Anarchist Undertones, Socks Off Collective and Moving North.

Visit our stand at Punk Rock Holiday 1.7 , meet like minded people, treat your body with some punk rock yoga and get to know your new favourite band. Or just hang out, have a drink and talk gibberish.



OUT NOW: Bash Brothers - Life Lessons

Today is the day you've all been waiting for! Or you should have been anyway!
Life Lessons from Swedish punkrockers Bash Brothers is out now!


The pre-order for Bare Teeth's EP "First The Town, Then The World" is now live.

Pre-orders will ship out on May 15th.
Any order after May 15th will be sent out on the 25th of May, as I will be at Pouzza Fest and unable to send items in the meantime. 

A download code will be added to the pre-orders.

Digipack CD version of the "First the town, then the world" EP. Comes with a 4 page booklet.
Artwork by Pierre C. Philippe